Savour the journey from simple to exträaordinary.
Savour the Journey From Simple to Exträaordinary.

Did You Know…

Our products are made with 100% Canadian Dairy.

All products carefully crafted in Canada.

We recently improved the wrappers on our ice cream bars, saving two metric tons of waste from reaching the landfill.

It took over six years to find the perfect strawberry to make our Strawberry Ice Cream.

    Bar Häagen-Dazs

    Experience New Häagen-Dazs® Creations. Get reacquainted with old favourites too.

    600 King St. W. in Toronto June 22 - July 22 Hours of Operation Monday-Wednesday: 11AM-9PM  |  Thursday-Saturday: 11AM-11PM  |  Sunday: 11AM-6PM
    Häagen-Hour is Here.

    Enjoy a Häagen-Dazs® cocktail float in a space designed to add some flavour to your evening.

    Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday  |  5 - 11 PM 19+. Must be legal drinking age to attend Häagen-Hour

    Scoop it. Spoon it. Share it.